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Worth noting is that FC, which is pretty much a mindless popcorn flick, was a big hit with critics, mainstream audiences and Trekkers, and the most successful Trek film since TVH.
FC isn't mindless at all, though. If it's done well, you can just enjoy it as a flick, and dig deeper if you want to. TWoK is certainly like that. It's not really contradictory. I think that's obvious if you look at films in other genres. For some reason, at least in certain discussions about Trek, there is this false division between the product being intelligent and the product being entertaining.

Like, for example, with comic book movies, often fans *want* the movies to be intelligent. I guess a lot has to do with perception. Superhero comics are perceived as lowbrow and maybe a bit childish, so fans want the movies to be taken seriously. Trek is perceived as nerdy and cerebral, so fans want it to be cool and shed the nerdy label. Something like that. (And maybe both are right, at least partly.)

Anyway, intelligent movies are often the most entertaining.

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