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Re: U.S.S Alliance

I was thinking of a couple of ideas for a new R.P.G.

"Star Trek: Rebel Fleet"

Concept One:

Having successfully evaded capture by either the Jem Hadar or Starfleet & extradition, these former guests of The Coalition of Non Aligned Worlds, have returned & they are P----d.

Having laid low to recover & rebuild just beneath the nose of the Syndicate, the Maquis have emmerged from exile to preserve the sovereignty of all liberated worlds from ever having to reconcile with any of the major powers.

"Star Trek: Rebel Fleet"

Concept Two:

A small battle group traveling back to Utopia Planetia for repairs gets caught up in a snafu of the Temporal Cold War.

Three ships are nudged a handful of years into one of many possible futures with no way "home", by a shockwave ripple from a destroyed [classified] research facility whom had been building & testing a "Gemini Device" for a prototype Premonition-Class starship.

The accident that destroyed the testing facility echoed the one that cloned Captain Will Riker of the U.S.S. Titan.

The shockwave shifted three unsuspecting vessels a handful of years ahead into a future both familiar & utterly alien to the crew of these lonely vessels.

In example, The Borg are no longer Starfleet's sworn enemy...they're charter-members of The United Federation of Planets.

Which would you rather see:

Concept One or Concept Two?

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