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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 75; Bribery

Quark: So I have to fight the huge snarling Klingon to the death.... no problem.... why am I doing it?
Grilka: Because if you do.... I might return for another episode... and who knows what might happen?
Quark: You mean I'm not getting any THIS episode?!! Argh! Rom, you're stepping in for me!

Kira(on com): Captain... Gul Dukat's hailing us again... he's quite upset. He's threatening to declare war if you don't respond.
Sisko: I told you! I'm busy!
Kira(on com): Yes, sir.
Sisko: (muttering) This Angry Birds level is impossible!

Ross: Challenge accepted.
Bashir: Excellent, I'll replicator the ancient quarter.
Creetak: A game called Quarters? This should be fascinating to watch.

O'brien: Why the sudden urge to start a weekly poker game?
Worf: I'm hoping it will stop Jadzia from playing tongo with the Ferengi.
O'brien: Actually, she invited him to tomorrow's game.
Worf: -growl-

Garak: No Captain, I'm afraid I don't have any "gangsta clothes."
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