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Re: VOY Caption Contest 107; Is that Allowed!?!

Thanks for the win!

Chakotay: Happy Birthday, Captain! It's a Hirogen vibrator!
Janeway(off screen): Over compensating again, are we Commander?

EMH: Excuse me, are you familiar with the ancient text known as the Kama Sutra?
Janeway: Oh my....

Torres: How come I'm not in this Maquis rebellion holoprogram? You prefer Seska to me?
Paris: I think Seska prefers Seska to you.

Janeway: What happened?
Kim: I was making out with the Irish holographic chick... when Tom used that padd to turn her into a raptor. Naturally the safeties malfunctioned.

Kes: My first order as your new overlord.... Neelix is to be put to death!
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