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Re: Revenge showrunner leaving after being denied shorter seasons

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I miss the days when 22 out of 52 weeks was expected, doable and successful, with no major hiatuses.........even for the highest quality shows.
But don't large chunks of those "highest quality shows" downright suck in retrospect?

Not the great ones. See HILL STREET BLUES and ST. ELSEWHERE for examples. You won't find a single bad HILL STREET episode. You'll find ONE for ST. ELSEWHERE, but that's because it was a clip show. There were also 39 HONEYMOONERS, and they're pretty much equally brilliant. Maybe the writers actually worked harder back then...
It's not like audience tastes haven't changed since the 1950s, or that there are more channels or more things taking people's attention. The world is exactly the same as it was.... So, it MUST be that the writers just aren't working as hard....
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