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Re: Official New Star Trek 2012 Game for the PC, PS3 & X360

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I just saw a video on Youtube with the game's versions of the communications vats and the area where Scotty went through the pipes. They've tried to make it look more spaceshippy (different light fixtures etc), but the proportions look wrong. I guess they couldn't get beer factory blueprints and had to guesstimate the sizes of everything.
Now that I've gotten to that part of the game, Engineering looks pretty - certainly more "starshippy" than what we saw in the movie, as you said. But we also saw little enough in the movie where it could still work in a Treknical sense. But the Engineering seen in in the game just doesn't seem functional to me.

* Overhead hatches to space were open (not just during the ejection sequence).

* The Enterprise has gone from 8 (?) warp cores to 3. That probably couldn't eject at all because they'd hit the center brace, IIRC. (I wanted to poke around more, after clearing out the enemies, but the game insisted on funneling me to the next level. )

* The warp cores apparently routinely detach themselves from what appears to be the main plasma conduit, outside of ejecting.

* After a certain point the plasma conduit just stops; the plasma shoots out in an open vacuum past that point, for some reason. (It looks a lot like the interior of a TNG warp nacelle to me.)

Whining? Maybe. But it still bugged me.
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