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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

bbailey861 wrote: View Post
"And The Children Shall Lead" - TOS
You must be a glutton for punishment.
Captain Rob wrote: View Post
TOS - The Naked Time
On MeTV of course.
Not to pick nits. But why couldn't they just use the impulse engines to break out of orbit? I know. ...Too easy.
Captain Rob wrote: View Post
Enterprise is Great wrote: View Post
TOS - The Naked Time

For those offended by any instance of humor by Spock on AbramsTrek avoid this one. After helping subdue Sulu Spock quips "Take D'Artagnan here away". (This is before Spock is infected IIRC)

Don't forget one of the best lines in the entire franchise. When Uhura responds to Sulu's "fair maiden" with "Sorry, neither!"
I had forgotten Uhura's line, so it caught me off guard last week.

Tonight I'm watching "The Enemy Within" [MeTV] and NASCAR Sprint Cup race [Fox] simultaneously.
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