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Re: You know what I wish we saw in Star Trek 2009?

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I wish we'd seen some Andorians and Tellarites and others walking around in the background. Abrams-Trek gives us even more of the impression of a human dominated Federation, moreso than the original series even did.
I'd love to see an Andorian, Tellarite or one of the Xindi species on the Enterprise crew.

Although I have to disagree about the human-dominated Federation. We saw Alnschloss K'Bentayr (the Arex-like alien) and a Cygnian (big eyed nurse) on the Kelvin, the Enterprise had Madeline (the bronze-skinned girl on the Enterprise bridge), Keenser and a several cool aliens in the bar, at Starfleet Academy and belowdecks on the Enterprise. I'd say the movie is tied for number of aliens with TMP.
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