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Re: SeaQuest DSV: The Ancient Review Thread

In the series there was:

SeaQuest DSV: The Novel by Diane Duane and Peter Moorwood (authors of The Romulan Way) (November 1993)

Fire Below by Matthew J. Costello (January 1994)

The Ancient by David Bischoff (March 1994)

But with "The Ancient" the novel tends to center on Lucas Walenzcak, with Darwin trying to get him on a date (or as Darwin says "mate") with a girl who is described as a "hot" 25-year-old scientist. And the Sea Monster story is the "B" plot. But it's n interesting "B" plot, since we don't yet know all the creatures that roam the Earth, either on the ground or deep below the sea.

But, you know, of the 3 major Sci-Fi debuts of 1993 (Star Trek Ddep Space Nine, Babylon 5 and SeaQuest DSV), it's hard to believe that we are almost caught up to when DSV's first Season takes place: 2018. I wonder if we will truly see any sea colonies in 5 years, or ships like the SeaQuest?
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