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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

horatio83 wrote: View Post
It is very obvious that replicator usage is either free or rationed (Sisko talks about having used up all of his transporter credits to beam home every evening as a cadet).
I take that to mean that as a cadet, he had only a limited number of times he can use the transporter, which would be termed as credits, but I could be wrong.

Third Nacelle wrote: View Post
I just don't see any evidence of the supposed human isolation on earth. In Star Trek, humans are EVERYWHERE. We've even seen instances of a single human owning an entire planet. Humans never seem to have trouble booking a voyage on a civilian transport. Humans are seen at bars and restaurants outside of the Federation all the time. I don't know what a week on Risa costs, but plenty of humans seem able to afford it.

An offhand comment by Jake that he can't buy something because he's human just doesn't hold up to all the other evidence.
Notice that humans that do live in places other than earth, that they usually have jobs with other cultures that pay currency.

Like Kassidy Yates--she's human and works as a freighter captain for the Bajorans and other cultures.

So you have to wonder, if humans don't need money, why would she work so hard and risk going to prison for helping the Maquis...

T'Girl wrote: View Post
Quark was able to sell his shuttle here to someone, and purchase passage from someone here back to DS9, If he could have simply travel for free, saving himself money in the process, he could have gladly done so.
I dont know, either this new economy is far beyond our understanding, or its just weird.

Too many characters have gone on record as stating that no money exists in the 24th century too many times.

So here's a theoretical example ; It's the 24th century... Someone wants to buy a nice piece of property. They go to the person who owns it.

" How much can I buy it for? "
"It will be 250 credits/whatever."

"How much do you have in your account ?"

"About 3 credits"
"Sorry you cant have it unless you get 247 more."

To me, that conversation equals a discussion about money.
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