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Re: TNG Caption This! 312: Bring on the comedy

Picard: I don't trust Ensign Ro, so Number One I want you to personally assess Ro's suitability to serve onboard this ship.
Riker: I'll give her a good stripping down.
Picard: Make it so!

Riker: It must be terrible seeing your mother in this state Data.
Data: She dumped my father, even if I could express emotions, I would feel nothing.

Picard took yet another trip on the turbolift.

Troi: Curses! We're trapped!
O'Brien: And I'm here for what again?

Etana Jol: Sing 'In the Navy'.
Picard: Yes master.

Captain's log supplemental: In an attempt to quell Ensign Ro's insubordination, I threatened her with facing the Prophet's wrath for not following the Emissary's -- a fine Starfleet officer I might add -- example. To my surprise I found out that Ensign Ro was an atheist and a true oddball of her race.
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