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Re: Grammar Nazi Thread: Smooshing Words Together

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The one pet peeve of mine, and I started seeing this in the mid 90's is the misappropriation of rouge for "rogue.", as in a rouge agent. I originally thought it was a misspelling, and maybe it still is, but I do see it very often and I find it annoying as I'm French-Canadian and know my French pretty well. Rouge = Red. If someone is "red", they're either red in the face, and if literally an agent wearing red, well, they'd stand out a bit much and not be very covert They might as well be a painted target. In French, rouge can also mean "lipstick".
Can't say I've ever come across that particualr misspelling, if I saw the word rouge I would think of the colour red. And It's been a long time since I learned a little French. Rogue and Rouge are two different words.
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