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U.S.S Alliance

Greetings from the U.S.S Alliance

The Alliance if a simmwhich has been around for just over a year and is currently looking for new players/writers to join the team.

The format is a fairly liberal style PBEM where the story and characters evolve as the mission prgresses, and new ideas and twists are always welcome.

The setting is the edge of federation space, where new friends, and enemies await to be discovered, and where nothing is taken for granted.

The Alliance herself is an Akira class starship, and various positions are free at the moment

We have positions available in


as well as position in the ships Fighter Squadrons and Marine detachment.

Though any other positions are also accepted (weapons specialist, strategic operations, barman,)

So have a look and if you're interested let me know.

CO of the Alliance

U.S.S Alliance
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