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So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

1) I only *this second* realized the double-meaning of 'chains of command'. I'm not too bright in word association unless I apply myself. S**t, I thought Borg was just a cool name for about 10 years.

2) (referring to Picard not having the rights of a POW) "Then he will be treated like a terrorist." More prescience on the part of TNG. I wonder if a Trek series would have the rocks to make that or "The Drumhead" these days.

3) The big one. So I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt to you 'Jellico apologists'. (I make it sound so bad don't I?) In fact my own memory said that Will more or less deserved being relieved. But having just watched it....Jellico was just looking for an excuse. Some people just can't get along and Jellico used Will's outburst as an excuse to dump him for the much more preferable Data.*

Also, was Jellico really expecting the entirety of Engineering to work a 48 hour shift? I guess stims have come a long way.

*All IMHO. I don't hate Jellico at all, and as others have said, he's refreshing.
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