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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Perhaps FrontierTrek can answer this:

For the opening shot of Sins of the Father, did they retain the fully CGI shot, or did they replace it with the original elements, as was done in A Matter of Honor?

Sins of the Father (sampler):

A Matter of Honor:

That season 2 shot looks 'too good' for HTV because the multi-colored paint scheme shows through while most HTV footage makes the Enterprise flat gray. The lighting also looks very-CBS-D. Did they do that shot?
Yes, CBS-Digital restored that element for S1's "Lonely Among Us" I believe.

The opening shot of "Sins" remains completely CG I'm sorry to say. The only changes CBS-Digital made to the episode were adding the 13 seconds in true HD and redoing the Act One titles with a deeper blue color and thicker drop shadow matching the rest of the S3 episodes. They also moved some of their positions because the tighter cropping of the episode put some of them outside of the title safe area.

This implies that the exact same thing will happen with "Inner Light." The opening shot will remain CG (despite being found) but the titles will be redone (and the typos fixed).
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