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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

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Oh, the McQuarriePrise IS hideous, even moreso considering that the Ken Adam version it is built on (and built badly) at the very least looks cool & sleek.
Now to me the saucer was too fat in the study models.
One had a more narrow secondary hull, the other wider. Even the wider one can come in two flavors. One with the flat saucer edge and Ralph's with a flatter saucer rounded off at the edges, which I actually like better. His forward view seems to have the deflector strap narrow up front, widening towards the back to the shuttlebay, though the aft view keeps that box of the same width.

Now Drax's station is very like what his space office complex could have been, and the hamster tubes were seen in Moonraker. I wonder if that is what Enterprise was going to look like.

I actually love McQuarries take, and it might actually look better as a large uber-detailed model if someone would give it a chance.
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