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Re: Regarding next X-Box and "always online"

Timby wrote: View Post
There are no "facts." Nothing has been confirmed about the next Xbox except that it exists.
Indeed. That's why I find all this speculation tedious. No one here knows if it actually will be "always online." Even if Microsoft says it is, what does that actually mean? How much flexibility is there? Again, no one here knows. Just seems like there's a whole lot of Sony fanboying going on, instead.

I don't even give a shit what Microsoft does with their next console. I never owned an Xbox, I don't have a 360, I probably won't buy the next one. I also don't have a PS3 or a Wii U. So, this is all academic to me.

Especially since Sony is on the record stating that the PS4 won't disable used games.
This is untrue.
The relevant bit:

Our best reading of the situation as it stands now, based on the crumbs we've received on the matter, is that the PlayStation 4 almost definitely won't have a system in place that forces used games to be unplayable past the first owner. That said, it's not clear that Sony will actively get in the way if publishers (including, perhaps, Sony itself in some cases) want to prevent resale with some kind of online registration check or force pre-owned players to pay an "unlock fee" of some sort.
Which is basically no different from how things are today. Console makers really have no incentive to put any kind of used game blocking right into the hardware. They also have no reason to forbid publishers from doing it in software. It's not their ox being gored.

I do suspect the next generation will be more hostile to consumers than ever, but that happens every generation, and people keep buying the damn things. Get off the fucking treadmill, folks.
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