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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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There's a wonderful book out there, an over-sized paperback called THE STAR TREK CHRONOLOGY.
I actually would like to see that updated.

I'd make it multi-volume. I don't hate J.J.'s vision, but having an encyclopedia of different timelines reminds me of the bit where Spock talks about the timeline trying to re-assert itself.

One timeline might be Dixons, Aridas' Okuda's Timos, etc.

And all line up in TOS.

Here, you might take cues from Doctor Who where Oswin keeps cropping up. Now we have multiple universes, where things synch up at crtain times.

This way, if someone has another attempt--you add another volume.

I'd love to see the morphing "Superwarp" ships of Sternbach fleshed out.
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