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Re: Question about one reality from Parallels.

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Wonder how DS9 turned out in that universe, since Sisko wouldn't have become a broken man....
We know that in the same quantum reality that the Bajorans overthrew the Cardassian Occupation and became more aggressive. Unfortunately, that's the only clue we're given.

If the deflector pulse worked, Wolf 359 didn't happen, Jennifer Sisko didn't die. It's possible Sisko remained first officer aboard the Saratoga or became her captain later on.

Additionally, things likely could have gone down a lot different in "Ensign Ro" with Riker in command of the Enterprise without Picard there and the plan hatched up by Admiral Kennely and the Cardassians may have worked. Part of that scenario may have also hinged on how much influence Guinan may have had on Captain Riker during those events since, had it not been for her, Picard may not have given Ro the benefit of the doubt in the original timeline.

The outcome of that episode alone could have affected Bajoran/Federation relations, with the Bajorans seeing the Federation as allied with the Cardassians after Kennely helped them grease a bunch of Bajoran refugees.

This would be an interesting "Myriad Universes" story. It sure as hell would have given the Prophets a headache though.
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Wonder how DS9 turned out in that universe, since Sisko wouldn't have become a broken man....
I always thought it would be interesting to set a story in this universe. O'Brien would probably still be on the Enterprise. Sisko would still be on the Saratoga. Perhaps you could have Bashir and Dax join him and have them discover the Bajoran wormhole.
Had the Deflector Pulse worked, I think The Prophets would have found some way to get Sisko to Bajor. Maybe his finding the wormhole happened later than in the Prime Reality. His being the Emissary could have been enough for Kai Opaka (assuming she lived) to persuade the Bajoran Government to call off hostilities with the Federation. A new Space Station of Federation design with Bajoran influences could have been built near the mouth of the Wormhole. That could have been starting during Parallels, or a few years after it.

Ensign Ro under Riker would have been an even better story to watch, I believe, because of Riker's distrust of Ro, Guinan may have had to lead Riker into his own way of trusting Ro instead of just bringing him to the Captain and use her sway to have him listen. Or by that time Guinan could have built up enough trust with Riker to pull the same stunt.

It would have been a sadder ending to BoBW for Picard to die at the moment of victory, but, if he was a counterpart to the Borg Queen, Picard could have come back at some time as a foe Riker would have doubts about trying to kill.

It might have made Parallels better if they had got Elizabeth Dennehy to come back as Shelby for the episode.

Still, I think Picard not surviving the destruction of the Cube at Earth would have been what happened.
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