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Re: Finale discussion thread (spoilerifictitle insided) *SPOILERS WITH

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Moffat talks the last few episodes of this series on the BBC's website, closing with this about "The Name of the Doctor":

The episode is called The Name of the Doctor and involves our hero in a conflict that is very, very personal to him. Usually he’s saving other people, but this time he might be the one who needs to be saved. We’ll also find out what makes his new companion so impossible and there’s a surprise that no one has got right so far, and one that will change the course of Who forever!
Surprise that will change Who history? There's a forgotten Doctor.
Ah, but people have guessed the forgotten Doctor. So, according to Moffat that's not right. Yeah, I know, we can't always take him at his word . . .
Remember, Moffat's the man who said the ending of A Good Man Goes To War was a game-changer that would change the characters forever. Remember, Moffat's the man who said no one would ever figure out River's origins. Quite simply, Moffat talks his show and what he's doing like his audience is idiots.

(Hell, Moffat says no one will figure out how Sherlock survived, but I have no doubt that there are tens of thousands of people who have workable theories that match what Moffat did. Unless he pulls a Sledgehammer and simply ignores the problem.)

In Moffat's defense, he's not talking to the hardcore, he's not talking to the people who tear him apart on Gallifrey Base week after week, he's not talking to the people who stalk the sets, etc. He's talking to the casual viewer, the Not-We. And for the casual viewer, the notion that absolutely, positively, without a doubt Matt Smith is the eleventh Doctor is an incontrovertible fact, and the idea that there's a forgotten number that turns that incontrovertible fact on its head would be inconceivable.
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