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Re: "The best and most influential Trek series"

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"Most influential?"

Smells like agenda in favor of the Berman era. From a television position, to a filmed sci-fi position and the internal ST position, nothing matches TOS. To entertain DS9 as that on any level is a joke.
That reads almost as badly biased as the article in the original post.
*sets Phaser (TOS classic, of course) on stun*

You need to be checked out in Sickbay. Much crazy talk coming from you.
Well at least you're not killing me for holding a different opinion!

I agreed in an earlier post that TOS was pretty much the foundation of Trek's influence. Though to say "nothing matches TOS" on a ST, sci-fi or tv level... well you're taking it as far as the eloquent fellow who wrote that article in my humble opinion.

But just because I concede the influential part, doesn't mean it's my favorite series. Roddenberry once said something to the effect of I hope better Star Trek comes after me made by other people... well... to me that's DS9.
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