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Re: Robert Picardo -- Best Male Trek Actor Next to Stewart

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I did try to write a spec script for a while (for TNG, not VOY), and thought I had Picard's speech pattern pretty close.
At first I thought you meant to type Picardo. But then I remembered that Beverly would never allow an EMH in her sickbay again.

That reminds me of a hilarious bit of trivia I once read. (You've probably heard it already, but I'm going to tell it anyway.) Apparently, during the filming of "Message in a Bottle", Andy Dick was chatting with Picardo, and he said, "So, Picardo... That's a lot like Picard. Do people ever give you a hard time about that?" Picardo replied, "Your name is Andy Dick, and you're making fun of my name?" And Andy Dick just started laughing.
Hah. Never heard that one before, nice!
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