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This is so funny...

Back in 2009, when STAR TREK premiered I perdiced THIS story exactly for the sequel (Khan being captured like the Joker, terrorising the Federation; Kirk or Spock dying etc.). Everybody was telling me to shut up, how genius JJ Abrams was and that the next film would be nothing like that.
It may just have been a busy time, but I'm afraid I don't remember that. Was this something you said in this forum?

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I am giving an example from what I am reading. I am not implying that Star Trek is a religion; although, at times, it borders on being a cult. ("...a group that devotes itself to or venerates a person, ideal, fad, etc...." (

Who lies between the people and the artists in the movie making industry? The corporations. Who gives their approval to fund a movie? The corporations, or the people? Who regulates the content of a movie? The corporations, or the people? The people are the last to see the film. Corporations put their money into projects that they hope will succeed.
You want a tinfoil hat with that? You know what? If you're so concerned about this corporation thing: Why don't you disconnect from the Internet. These 'corporations' control most of the routers that supply bandwidth. So yeah, if you're really serious about this; better disconnect, and be a hermit.
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I see him as a corporate pretty boy.
At least his co-actors in this film don't have a bitter relationship with him, unlike that other Kirk.

Seriously, people like throwback should be put in the Nexus, where everyday they watch their beloved Episodes and movies, and time doesn't move forward.
(emphasis mine)

Let's try to keep it on addressing the ideas or opinions being expressed (even if you think those may be a bit out there) and not take any unnecessary pokes at the person expressing them. Within reason, everyone should be allowed room to say what they think about a given topic.
Always acknowledge a fault frankly. This will throw those in authority
off their guard and give you opportunity to commit more.
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