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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

41. Mulan (A-)

To date the last really great Disney animated musical, in terms of the music, at least (Princess and the Frog and Tangled were both strong films, especially the latter, but musically neither was terribly interesting) -- even the more minor songs are memorable. This is also one of the last movies where Eddie Murphy was funny. I didn't see this one in theatres when it came out (though I remember the music videos that used to aire for the soundtrack airing on TV at the time), but first watched it online some years later. It looks great on Blu-ray.

42. Pitch Perfect (B)

Last year's cult hit film for teens/young people, particularly women (and featuring a poster that was a pretty transparent attempt to rip off Bridesmaids, including the presence of one castmember). The musical sequences are superb, and the film has a winning sense of humour. The main thing holding the film back from being a really great example of the genre is the characters' serious sides, which never really come across as more than perfunctory.

Cinema: 9
Home Video: 31 (+1)
Computer: 2 (+1)
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