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Re: Robert Picardo -- Best Male Trek Actor Next to Stewart

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I did try to write a spec script for a while (for TNG, not VOY), and thought I had Picard's speech pattern pretty close.
At first I thought you meant to type Picardo. But then I remembered that Beverly would never allow an EMH in her sickbay again.

That reminds me of a hilarious bit of trivia I once read. (You've probably heard it already, but I'm going to tell it anyway.) Apparently, during the filming of "Message in a Bottle", Andy Dick was chatting with Picardo, and he said, "So, Picardo... That's a lot like Picard. Do people ever give you a hard time about that?" Picardo replied, "Your name is Andy Dick, and you're making fun of my name?" And Andy Dick just started laughing.
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