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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

It occurred to me after writing that post that for clone Jack going back and doing it over doesnt just refer to education and career. It can also apply to having children and being a parent. Not that original Jack would be unable to do that if he chose but the first time round ended in tragedy and on the occasions when he does show interest in women its usually women roundabout his own age and it takes time to build a rleationship to teh point where you want to settle down and raise children togetehr so its unlikely orignal Jack will ever have more children. Whereas clone Jack, who has all the memories of older Jack but is much younger physically, has plenty of time, decades even, to do the having a family part over.

In which case the group of girls who instantly started talking to him was indeed convenient and i am rambling so just ignore me.
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