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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

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Its interesting my Dad watches the show. He read the comics all the way back in the 40s as a kid. Plus he is really into archery. So its right up his alley even though his memories of the comic is very vague. He picked on Roy being setup as the sidekick even though having no memory of Speedy.
That's really cool about your dad, I'm glad you mentioned that.

kirk55555 wrote: View Post
I'm wondering when he goes to "fairly well groomed shipwreck survivor with allies" to "hairy wildman in green clothes". I mean, he has to have been on the island for ahilw now, but he looks about the same. I'm wondering when he decides to go with the Tom Hanks "Castaway" style of island living.
The way I'm interpreting it, what we've seen so far is the first month or so, and there are enough sharp implements around that Ollie and Slade can maintain some masculine scruff.

The really hairy Ollie we see in the opening voice over I am guessing is 5 years later. I am further guessing that everyone else was off the island but Ollie by that point, and he spent the last year alone, or playing cat and mouse with a few remaining mercenaries. By that point he was less concerned with grooming.
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