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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

I have final unity running with (almost) no issues through DOSBox 0.63. My only hangup is that the mouse movement is frustrating. My hand has to cross the entire mousepad multiple times to get even halfway across the screen.... But anyway, it's installed, running and the audio doesn't even skip, and there really wasn't that much modification that I had to do to the default dosbox.conf

what I remember having to do was...

mnt D: D:\ cdrom -t
mnt c: c:\
changed the audio blocksize to 1536 to eliminate some initial skipping of the sound
changed to fullscreen=TRUE

I ran install.exe through dosbox, and though it seemed to take forever, it did actually install the game and it does run. I can take a quick look when I get home, and I'll mod this post with the dosbox.conf if you want it.
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