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Re: Love, hate and the AMT Enterprise model

Like most of you, I had at least half a dozen stretching between retoolings and re-releases, mainly in the early to mid 70s. Each version seemed to have it's own problems... drooping nacelles, scondary hull upper halves that didn't line up just right... etc.

The two things that stand out in my memory as I type this are.. first, the difficulty in ensuring the saucer was glued on straight... it attached to the main strut with a skimpy tongue and groove piece and it didn't always fit tightly--if you weren't carefull, it was too easy to glue it at a less than perpendicular angle.

Second, I remember how the caps on the nacelles never looked quite right when painted a solid color (usually bright red)... the christmas light effect on the 11-footer was a major aspect of the shooting model and the models I built always looked "fake-er" in the absense of that effect.

Oh, one other memory... me and my friend burning an Enterprise model in a sand pit behind his house... making a Constellation, maybe... and breathing in that pungent black smoke from the burning model... I wonder, what mysterious things are going on in my body from that?
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