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Re: If the Kelvans had invaded the galaxy 300 years later....

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But what if the Klevans land in the "delta" quadrant and have a big ton of Borg to deal with, or the "gamma" quadrant and have the Dominion. They may not like it here.
Hmmmm... could someone here photoshop a picture of Barbara Bouchet in one of Jeri Ryan's catsuits?

I could just hear the female shapeshifter (played by Salome Jens): "I'm afraid you have it backwards, Rojan. More proof that you need our order just like all the other solids do. Now submit to Dominion rule or the Jem'Hadar will make your stay in this galaxy a very short and unpleasant one."
"I've been prepared for death ever since I.... ever since I killed my crew."
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