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Re: Another Star Trek Parody

scifib5st wrote:
Using the audio sound bits worked out well.
Thanks, it had its origins around 2002 as a 2 minute audio file I'd made with the basic Kirk/7 exchanges. The voice clips all came from the old Star Trek in Sound & Vision site. Then one day I realized I had the ship, the bridge, and some DS9 character figures and thought I'd try to expand on it. I ordered at least one music cd and the sound effects cd to make things sound authentic.

Haggis and tatties wrote:
Tell me they made the second one?
Thanks, and no, I never did because I didn't have enough voice clips for a second story. I was trying to make the thing look like a real episode, and after doing the end titles thought I should add a fake preview, which was another week of work. The preview concept started because I wanted to see that final scene with the cube blowing the hell out of the Enterprise, and then staged everything else to build up to it.
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