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Re: Build-Up to The Office Finale

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Don't forget the arcs where he's a complete moron...
I generally lump those into the "Michael Scott II" arcs, insofar as the writers sometimes made Michael too stupid as well.

But the whole "Andy is a moron" thing is especially grating because they keep playing up that he graduated from Cornell. Yes, I understand that he is supposed to be a legacy who got in through daddy's connections but Cornell is well known as a high pressure place once people do get in (some even consider it the suicide capitol of the Ivy League) they don't stay in if they can't hack it.

They could have written around this (and they seemed to a little back in the "villain Andy" days) by portraying him as book smart and common sense stupid but, again, they never seemed to get a handle on the character for more than part of season at a time.
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