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I like the TAS pastiches fine, but I wonder if the audio might be given to new animation attempts? There is so much audio from TOS and TAS one might even cobble together whole episodes (especially featuring new characters) while keeping the voices of the original cast.
People keep suggesting that, and the unspoken assumption there is that the quality of the audio is fundamentally better than the quality of the imagery. I disagree. The music is great, but it's very repetitive. The voice acting by Shatner and Kelley, and to some extent Nimoy, is lackadaisical and lifeless, and sometimes the audio quality for different voices is inconsistent because the actors recorded their lines at different facilities. And the sound effects all come from the limited library that Horta-Mahana Sound had to work with in the 1970s. Sure, the animation has its flaws and limitations, but so does the audio. Replacing the animation with something "better" (however you might choose to define that) would just throw the shortcomings of the soundtrack into sharp relief.

Besides, what are you proposing? Taking dialogue from existing episodes and cutting it together into some kind of Frankensteinian patchwork of a story? There's no way such a thing would produce a coherent, well-structured narrative, and it would sound awful because of the mismatching deliveries and audio qualities.
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