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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Just got back from seeing it and I gotta say, I am LOVING that we are getting these flicks before America! For once we are not getting spoiled! IM3 opened here the day before ANZAC Day on 24/4!!!

I really loved the abundance of humour in this film - there were several laugh out loud moments. The "I knew you were cold, because we're connected" scene and the bit where Tony makes fun of the kid because his dad left him(you know what I mean)had the entire cinema cracking up laughing! They were GENUINELY funny moments and not the usual, "Oh, it's a kid so we must validate his precious psyche" - it was more like, "Toughen up princess - life sucks sometimes!"

More kids need this treatment.

For the unfortunate who have not seen it yet - except for the airplane rescue(one of THE MOST THRILLING moments I have seen in film in a VERY LONG TIME!!!), this film DOES NOT need to be seen in 3D. The 3D adds VERY LITTLE to the film and, even worse, since a LOT of this movie takes place at night, it is already quite dark. The rookie director who has taken over the helm also does not really know how to make a film for 3D so the final battle scene, on the rigging, in the dark was, at times hard to follow and see what was happening to the various Iron Mans who turned up to save the day. This was a real pity as they had obviously designed them all differently and you could barely see them!

See it in 2D and you will have pretty much the same experience, except for, as I already said, the BRILLIANT plane rescue. That scene LITERALLY took my breath away!!!

Oh and the Mandarin was AWESOME!!! When we got to his second video feed, after killing the accountant I thought, "WOW - how the fuck is this going to play in Buttfuck Montana to Joe Sixpack and his pregnant sixteen year old cousin?!?" This was TOO real and LITERALLY ripped from the headlines - it made you feel uncomfortable because I felt like I was watching a live news feed(complete with Joan Rivers - AWESOME!!!), rather than a fun popcorn movie. When it is revealed the "Mandarin" is actually a dopey English actor named Trevor Slattery, who has all the character flaws of a Z-grade panto thespian, that was FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! What made it even more appropriate was his voice was done SO BADLY you are thinking to yourself, "I cannot take this villain seriously - he actually pronounces "America" the same way Cleveland does; "A-merca". The reveal explains EXACTLY why he sounds so fucking stupid!

Anyway, what was becoming a little bit too dark and ponderous and threatening to collapse under the weight of its own pretension(read: fucking Dark Knight/Rises/Returns or whatever the fuck), suddenly became a HILARIOUS and funny gag with a great comedic character - the anti Heath Ledger/Bane/whatever.


So - see this in 2D and roll on STAR TREK, which we are also getting early - EIGHT DAYS before America! Go Australia!!!!!
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