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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Upscale the original VFX elements and put them on HD Enterprise?

I think we need to get used to upscaled CGI if we are going to get Voyager and DS9 on Blu. We are already getting upscaled stuff on the Enterprise blu-rays.
Enterprise HD masters were made that way, they didn't change anything for the Blu-rays. TNG, DS9 and VOY need new masters, so they'll recreate anything that isn't HD, including digital effects.

Incidentally, some of the "Space Baby" and its mother was a physical model, some of it was CG. They'll have to rebuild the CG bits, but the model should hold up ok as is.
I really do not believe they will remake the CGI in 1080p on DS9 and Voyager.

It would be way too expensive to do it and make it way more expensive than TNG which is not a good idea when the spinoffs where not as popular as TNG. I think it would require another company remaking the effects shots in addition to two companies editing them together. Surely this is too expensive. Its not just re-rendering the CGI models (which would have to be remade from scratch!) they have to match the virtual camera movements and positions of ships etc. Imagine trying to remake the fleet scenes in the latter seasons of DS9 - it would cost a fortune! OTOH they can simply upscale. Enterprise already has 480p CGI upscaled and so will DS9 and VOY. Surely the VFX companies sent in their CGI effects in a higher bitrate ready to be edited into their SD broadcasts just incase they are upscaled in the future. Perhaps these reels exist separately to the finished episodes, especially if they were edited into existing live action footage.
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