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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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you don't want to admit that putting it either as an issue of eminent domain
And here is what I'm talking about I posted the legal definition of
eminent domain and even quoted the relevant part and you still refuse to accept that even IF its an issue of eminent domain the federation is still doing it wrong becuase their not respecting the Ba'ku's due process rights and as such YES, it's still kidnapping even if its federation territory.

And no it being all but clear that the federation gets to do it is not a good excuse or else Kirk would have been sent off to the penal colony since they had him on tape blowing a guy out into space instead of still having a Courtmartial.
ok, so they didn't give them due process. It's still academic-had they given them due process, they would still have been removed, as any competent judge would have ruled that there was reason for them to be removed.

And again, if it's not a Federation planet, then the Son'a can do what they'd like to with the Baku, so as I wrote, heads they lose, tails they lose. That's the definition of a stupid premise.
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