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Re: A Nova Squad or Red Squad Series

I've been thinking about a Red Squad series for a while. To be more exact, I was thinking about a show set in the rebooted universe that acknowledged the losses created by Nero's assault on starfleet. Instead of it being teen drama in space, I envisioned a scenario where starfleet -desperate to excel young cadets into senior positions- were forced to put younger crew members under the guidance of the few senior officers left. Instead of it being about teen drama, it'd be about the relationship between the new and old, both in terms of Star Trek and the different values youth and wisdom can bring (as well as the hindrances). Jumping the gun a bit, but I then thought of a series that followed these cadets onto a new ship to add some longevity to the franchise and crew.

Personally, I love the concept of exploring the human condition in space... And, you know, exploring the age barrier has been sorely lacking. Sure, we have Wesley and Jake Sisko, but I honestly believe writers can do far better. I don't think Star Trek always has to be about gpoing to new places just 'cos... That was the worst thing about Voyager.
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