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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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You take some raviloi and dip them in breadcrumbs and then deep fry them.
Eww. That sounds a lot less appealing. That's not even toasted ravioli -- it's deep-fried, breaded ravioli.

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For that matter, what are they eating? With what we've seen of the terraforming, I wouldn't be surprised if our staples were gone/mutated. For instance, salad, can they still grow lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, etc., or is it all alien vegetables? Or, even better, something not quite Earthen, but not quite alien, to reflect the effect of alien terraforming on our land. What about meat? Are they eating hamburgers, pork, etc. or something else?
We've seen meals being served at the McCawley household in both episodes so far. According to the "Inside Defiance" feature on the website (image 8), they're eating green-yolked eggs in one scene (not sure if they had ham, though). The text reads, "The genetic mutations brought on by terraforming killed much of the world's livestock and introduced some bizarre new species."

Given how much thought the creators have clearly put into the worldbuilding for the multimedia stuff, I'm sure it'll be explored on the show as well. I think that so far they've done a good job hinting at the larger world without being too stilted in the exposition and without getting in the way of the focus on character and story.
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