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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

^^^(pointing at Sonak's post)How this relates to Star Trek can be stated simplistically enough. Some people think economics proves man and society are unimprovable, and imagining otherwise was Roddenberry's worst mistake. The refinements on this are very elaborate and long, but nothing really changes in the end.

As to pragmatic and empircal judgments, I really have to add then that pragmatic and empirical judgment of world trade and economic development refute Ricardo's theory of comparative advantage in interternational trade. Since Keyesianism is still based on this, it too is wrong.

But then, at this point, you will remember I am not qualified to decide who's doing right-wing propaganda and who's doing science.

PS This crosed with the response from horatio83. Stiglitz has no Margaret Thatcher. Stiglitz doesn't even have a Mont Pelerin Society. And to be honest I can't see that Woodford has much influence with the IMF. At this point in time, some papers that seem connected to the real world would be useful in teasing humanity with prospect of a change in IMF operations. Has there really been a sea change in policy anywhere but Japan? (And I may be fooled by the PR as to that!?)
The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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