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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

^^^Yes, these are interesting questions. A solid fictional background, made with solid science and stylish fictional stylish, would make the series stronger. Insofar as the show is maybe about disparate cultures uniting in a fraternal or democratic society, attention to the nuts and bolts would help them take the theme seriously.

But it's already so intensely faux-Western that it really doesn't seem like these people are handicapped by the idiot idea that SF is a subgenre of fantasy, meaning anything goes. Hanging a lantern, as in the dialogue about the duster, doesn't change anything. The game tie-in, in particular, suggests they are committed to other goals than a good SF style.

PS Does anybody know what they're mining? You would think it would be St. Louis, but that's not the way it sounded or looked in the last episode.
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