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Re: Question about one reality from Parallels.

^Wolf 359 happened before they were able to destroy the cube. Picard's rescue and/or death would've been after that. Damage already done

I kind of assumed that things played out the same, except Picard had not survived being separated from the collective, upon destruction of the Borg cube, and died in sickbay.

Although, since Riker states in Parallels that Picard had been "killed" we could also consider that he was never rescued at all, and was destroyed aboard the cube as Locutus, by some other means

However, I can't imagine what those means could have been. Locutus was aware of all the plans and tactics the Enterprise could use. Accessing the collective through Locutus was the only option they had besides destroying themselves. So, I tend to lean toward them doing so, and Picard dying afterward. It wasn't that hard to capture Locus anyhow
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