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I am not feeling that Chris Pine has the gravitas to carry the role of Captain James Kirk. I see him as a corporate pretty boy.
I think William Shatner would recognize that he, himself, was a "corporate pretty boy" of the 1960s, who got the job on "Star Trek" because the wife of the show's previous "corporate pretty boy", Jeffrey Hunter, wanted him to try his luck as a motion picture star instead of a TV star.

Franklin wrote: View Post
what were the episodes that were not just good stories, but were cerebral and thought provoking? What's the list?
That kinda infers there's no message to debate in the JJ films. To me, the 2009 film challenges us to ponder nurture vs nature (with Kirk), and this theme is certainly revisited in STiD. A Kirk who grows up without the influence of a strong father figure, and then how he starts to change under the mentorship of Pike. (Starts to change.)

Similarly, we have a Spock who has not spent 18 years not talking to his father, and taps into a different aspect of his half human, half Vulcan makeup, presumably rejecting the Vulcan girl he was bonded with in favour of an Earth woman.

McCoy of both timelines suffered a painful divorce. It'll be interesting to see if he faces new challenges in the next film.

There is plenty to discuss; it's not all 'splosions at all. I guess studying the differences in the two timelines is similar to the message of "Mirror, Mirror", and perhaps "The Enemy Within". Do changed circumstances change our personalities, our opportunities, our fates? How do we balance the facets of our personality, those little devils and angels sitting on our shoulders, influencing how we react in situations?
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