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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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I wonder how they would reintroduce the concept since Hank Henshaw I guess is still technically supposed to be a Sinestro Corp member? They'd either have to retcon that or introduce a completely new version I'm guessing.
He hasn't really been an SC member since the end of the Sinestro Corps War, when he had almost achieved his wish of being destroyed (and was hoping the Anti-Monitor would do that, which was the only reason he aided Sinestro). The Manhunters saved what little was left of him (to his chagrin), and he later tried to get Nekron's attention during Blackest Night. Because Henshaw's not alive in the traditional sense, Nekron couldn't sense the Cyborg and give him the oblivion he desired. He later took control of the Alpha Lanterns in the belief that if the technology existed to create them, it could also be undone and he could return to a fallible mortal form. Ganthet seemed to think such a conversion wasn't possible, and it was implied that Boodika's psyche finally killed Henshaw for good when he tried to possess her Alpha Lantern body. He still survived somehow though.
I think this shows another problem with DC stopping shy of doing a total reboot. With them implying "The Death of Superman" is still canon, it also leads to "The Reign of the Supermen" also being in canon (though Steel got a new origin). Plus, with much of Green Lantern still canon, it'd be hard to remove Cyborg Superman completely. (As I type this, my 4 year old is on my lap and, coincidentally, keeps pestering me to post the Borg emoticon because he thinks it's "Cyborg" from Teen Titans ).

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One of the reasons I thought Superfriends was stupid is because the Atom could fly through space without a space suit. I mean, those are not so absolutely not his power set.

Last night I saw a new low on Superfriends.

Hawkman had to wear a rocket pack to fly in space.

Sure he didn't need any help to breath in space, but he was frakking lucky that his wings didn't set on fire!
I can't remember what comic it was in, but I do remember The Atom indicating that he's not really breathing oxygen when he shrinks down. Of course, at times he is seen wearing an oxygen mask, so take it with a grain of salt (there's a pun in there, somewhere).
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