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Since the topic is wavering, anyway (WHERE ARE THOSE SPOILERS, PEOPLE?!), there were some great stories in all Trek series, but exactly what were the episodes of TOS (or TNG) that actually "made one think" or were cerebral? The ones that transcended even a great episode of any other weekly drama or action-adventure show?

I've watched TOS until I can quote lines of dialogue by heart. Friends and I dissected episodes of TNG and later DS9 every Monday morning over coffee all through grad school (we were an exciting lot). I gave VOY a chance but left the ship after two years, and I was aboard the NX-1 a while too, before making my excuses and leaving. As far as any episodes coming back to me that truly met the high standards the mythology sets, I got nothing.

I'm not trying to provoke an argument or set people up to flame their tastes, but honestly, what were the episodes that were not just good strories, but were cerebral and thought provoking? What's the list?
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