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Sulu was named for the sea

I was reading through a wiki article on the Philippines and I came across this ...

The Star Trek character Hikaru Sulu is named after the Sulu Sea. According to Sulu actor George Takei, "[Gene] Roddenberry's vision for Sulu was to represent all of Asia, being named for the Sulu Sea instead of using a specific country-specific name."

Now I've run across multiple references that Sulu was not original intended to be Japanese, although he was of course played by a Japanese actor. Sulu was supposed to be "Pan-Asian." Sulu was eventual given a traditionally Japanese unisex first name, Hikaru.

The part that I've never encountered before is that Roddenberry deliberately choose to name Sulu after the Sulu Sea.

Or is that just George Takei making up an interesting "fact?"

The story I heard is that the character was going to be named "Zulu," (after zulu time). But it was thought to be racial insensitive, and they simply changed one letter to get Sulu.

Has anyone ever heard this Sulu Sea origin story before?

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