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Re: Animated nuTrek concept art

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I don't believe that most anime writers can avoid a lot of the alienating cliches of the genre after being forced to include them to get sales.
Yeah I'd rather not have the federation becoming a corrupt group that does really nasty stuff and oppresses the crap out of their citizens and invades small defenseless planets becuase they don't help them in a war said planet wants to stay out of becuase the federation wants to kill everyone on the other side or any of the other really shady stuff Japan seems to think federations engage in.

Oh and I don't want any Augments acting like those whinny b@#ch coordinators from Gundam Seed, and if they do I want Khan to show up and horribly murder the hell out of them.

Also none of that hypocritical pacifism at gun point stuff either.
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