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I know and accept that we live in a rapidly changing world, in terms of technology. This isn't the past where the next big thing in technology could take decades, hundreds, or thousands of years to emerge. I am, however, turned off by the depictions of the characters in the JJ Abrams universe. And, I am not feeling that Chris Pine has the gravitas to carry the role of Captain James Kirk. I see him as a corporate pretty boy.
Then why fret over the movie at all? Clearly its premise and production style don't appeal to you. That is certainly your right and no one should tell you you are wrong not to like the current way Trek is being made. If it bothered me as much as it seems to bother you, I would make a very simple choice--not watch the movie. And another simple choice--not get all worked up about it. It's only a movie. And there are many other movies, books, TV programmes, albums, concerts, plays and so on, out there to entertain us. Take advantage of those and enjoy rather than getting overly worked up about this particular movie.
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