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Re: Who created M'Ress?

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According to a friend who once found the "TAS Writers' Bible" in the donated research archive (ie. the special science fiction collection) at the Paley Library at Philadelphia's Temple University. (It's a non-circulating collection, but anyone with a legitimate excuse can get permission to browse through specific items.) Essentially, it's a TOS bible with an extra page or two added - there was a little hand-drawn map showing the location of Cait in the Lynx constellation, and another section briefly describing Arex and M'Ress.

So when they were generating her character at Filmation, even though no details ever made it to screen, they had some scant ideas.
Thanks for the nod to actual TAS history!

Perhaps they originally thought it might generate a script featuring M'Ress at some point?
I believe it was possible. If the series lasted another season, the B (or C) characters might have enjoyed a spotlight episode, just to pump up the minor characters. Filmation productions were not shy about writing episodes of that kind, as supporting or even comic relief characters would get "their shot" in scripts from time to time (ex. Bat Mite, Masters of the Universe's Urko, Bravestar's Fuzz, et al).

M'Ress seemed to be introduced to (ultimately) be more than science-fiction-y "eye candy" for the sake of it

My guess is that the chief animators at Filmation created the look of M'Ress and Arex to address show-runner DC Fontana's urging that they come up with visuals that could not have been done easily in live action in the 60s.
Reasonable theory--we do know that the alien matter was a direct response to the budget shortcomings of TOS regarding elaborate alien designs (whihc applied to alien vessels, too).
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