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Who lies between the people and the artists in the movie making industry? The corporations. Who gives their approval to fund a movie? The corporations, or the people? Who regulates the content of a movie? The corporations, or the people? The people are the last to see the film. Corporations put their money into projects that they hope will succeed.
Which means every creator of Trek has/are currently "servant(s) of the corporations" starting with Roddenberry. So it's a very unfair criticism to lob at Abrams.

Even Joss Whedon, who had a great success with The Avengers, is a servant of the corporations. I guarantee that his first draft script didn't get made and if he went in with the idea of killing off someone like Iron Man, Marvel would've told him to get lost as he wasn't going to screw around with something that was making them a ton of money.
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