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I know and accept that we live in a rapidly changing world, in terms of technology. This isn't the past where the next big thing in technology could take decades, hundreds, or thousands of years to emerge. I am, however, turned off by the depictions of the characters in the JJ Abrams universe. And, I am not feeling that Chris Pine has the gravitas to carry the role of Captain James Kirk. I see him as a corporate pretty boy.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. I don't put faith into conspiracies. I put my faith into reality. The people who pay money to see the films are rewarding the corporations for their decisions, and the corporations benefit from the money. However, as long as people support how a product is marketed and produced and everything else that goes with that product, corporations won't have incentive to change their ways. I view corporations as entities, much like I view people as entities.

People are bemoaning that there isn't innovation in Star Trek. Well, as long as people go to these movies, and put down money for films that are not innovative, they are working against their own interests.
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